Robotic Process Automation – Why It’s Worth To Invest In It?

Published at: October 29, 2020

The only way your business can stop growing if it continues to operate in a traditional way. In today’s Digital world, where everything is at click distance away from the customers, It is essential for you to engage potential customers, meet their unique requirements,  upgrade services and adapt to market changes at a lightning-fast pace. 

Getting to Know Your Customers (KYC) is one of the most challenging tasks for budding enterprises. And, you need to discover a way to get through to your consumers before your competitors do! For this reason, enterprises are constantly on lookout for an advanced technology to keep them a step ahead of competitors in the market. Here, Robotic Process Automation makes a difference.

According to a survey, “In 2016, the global RPA market was worth $271 million, and that number is expected to hit $2.5 billion in 2020, an enormous increase by any metric.” These figures clearly show the importance of RPA for a business. 

Here are the top reasons that explain you why investing in RPA is more than worth:

#Reason 1 – Customer Engagement

Keeping your users interested is a major challenge for companies that can be addressed by using RPA solutions. The leading organizations use RPA to improve user experience and streamline consumer acquisition. These solutions can  help tackle the booming market competition and evolving consumer needs.

#Reason 2 -Boost Productivity

Robots don’t need to stop for food or sleep, and they certainly don’t take holidays or call in sick. That means, the RPA technology can be great for increasing productivity. Additionally, with 24-hour services accessible, customers can expect automated responses and connectivity at any time.

#Reason 3 – Eliminate Human Errors Possibilities

According to a study – “Human error is responsible for 60%-80% of risks in high-risk industries.” This percentage is really big! Real-time visibility and controlled monitoring are the key factors of risk management in businesses. And the more employees you have as compared to machines, the tougher will be the visibility. Advanced RPA solutions can offer you better visibility and save big costs by replacing human potential with a machine

#Reason 4:  Efficient Utilization Of Human Intelligence

What percentage of your employees are performing tasks that can be easily automated by a developer? How many employees on your floor carry out tasks like reading incoming emails and sending newsletters to your potential consumers? Here RPA solutions can ease the work by efficiently utilizing human intelligence.

#Reason 5: No Need To Replace Existing System

Choosing The Right Access Control System - Facilities Management Insights

Another benefit you can get with the involvement of the RPA solution is it does not require you to replace your existing systems. Rather RPA can leverage your existing systems, the same way a human employee can. Thus, without replacing existing IT systems, you can advance the processes and ease the workload. 

In a nutshell, competition is getting hard every day and ‘survival of the fittest’ has become old news! Even if you have unparalleled business fundamentals, without adopting advanced technologies like RPA, you can miss the biggest business success chance. 

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Why Should You Consider Appian Intelligent Automation?

Published at: September 25, 2020

If we want to operate our business successfully, we must change our preconceived plans and embrace scientific & technological enhancements. Also, we have to equip leaders to observe the emergence of a crisis and make more informed decisions before it becomes catastrophic. To make this happen, Intelligent Automation is the best way. This technology is programmed to automate and streamline different business processes to ease your burden and reduce the operation cost.

What Does Intelligent Automation Do?

Intelligent automation is the perfect combination of Artificial Intelligence and Automation. It blends the power of BPM, RPA with low-code development to drive the most successful outcomes in business by optimizing the customer experience. It helps to automate the time-consuming manual repetitive tasks and process much volume of complex data very easily.

How Intelligent Automation Helps Businesses To Grow Faster:

Intelligent automation is a modern technology that has the potential to innovate in the current industry landscape and change the way things are performed for better results. Due to its diverse business benefits, it has become the first choice for businesses to streamline complex processes.

The unique benefits businesses can get with the technology are:

  • Enhance Productivity
  • Better Customer Service
  • Lessens Human Error At Great Extent
  • Run your business round-the-clock
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce business expenses
  • Improve business and IT collaboration

If you want to empower your business to work quicker, smartly and automatically, you must invest in Intelligent Automation.

Successful Intelligent Automation Cases

Automated Customer Service – Different technologies for example BPM, Case Management and Low-code combined with RPA and AI to enhance the Customer Experience like never before.

Intelligent Delinquency Prediction – Supports Machine Learning and BPM to pick up early signs of borrower’s financial distress before the loan becomes delinquent

Automated Invoice Processing – Supports the power of RPA and BPM to obtain end-to-end automation, transforming invoice processing by automating manual activities

About Crochet Technologies:

Crochet Technologies is a Global Information Technology (IT) Services and a trusted partner of Appian. With Crochet’s deep business acumen, world-class project delivery, and leadership capabilities, we assist companies in accessing the intelligent automation for driving their business value.


Appian Process Modeler

Published at: September 21, 2020

With Appian, combine the power of business process management with the speed of low-code development and accelerate your digital transformation.

In this short video, get a taste of how the Appian Process Modeler works. Crochet Technologies is Partner with Appian Platform.


This is Appian

Published at: September 17, 2020

Appian Robotic Process Automation (RPA)- The Choice Of Intelligent Enterprises

Published at: September 1, 2020
In this fast-paced time, automation becomes the first priority for organizations to enhance revenue and reduce complexities in business processes. Almost every process within a company can boost productivity, though, every business is unique.

How many times have you thought, “I wish this task could be automated, but it is too explicit to our company”? Take a deep breath and brace yourself, because Appian Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can give you the opportunity to customize your automation.

What is Appian Robotic Process Automation?

Appian Announces No-Code Integration to Automation Anywhere's RPARobotic Process Automation (RPA), is the technology that provides the ability to configure the software by building rules, rather than codes. RPA can respond to particular triggers and simulate many, if not most, human actions. It can automate any repetitive, time-consuming task without replacing the legacy system that an employee might do manually. This enables employees to use their time on more important tasks.,

Why is Appian RPA becoming popular among organizations?

Here are the reasons why intelligent enterprises want to connect with Appian RPA technology:

  • Automate high volume, rules-based, ordinary tasks usually done by people, or for connecting systems that don’t have modern APIs.
  • Appian RPA software robots work with systems and data exactly as people do, but with more efficiency and much quicker.
  • Effectively improve productivity
  • Appian bots can work 24x7x365
  • Provide much time to employees to work on high-value activities
  • Drive more value from legacy systems
  • Break down data silos

Unique Features Of Appian RPA:                     Appian RPA -

Appian RPA features include:

  • Intelligent image recognition of objects on a screen, eliminating errors in bot actions
  • “Human in the loop” optimization
  • Bots can be deployed on a scheduled basis for common back-end processes
  • Detailed RPA audit trails present screenshots of robotic actions for total visibility, management, and reporting.

Success Story of Appian RPA clients: 5 medical achievements that changed our world

British multinational insurance company Aviva plc has observed many impressive outcomes in the business by involving Appian RPA technology, for example as per a report:

  • They deliver 9 time faster services
  • They get 40% cost-saving results
  • Integrate approx 22 system into a single interface
  • Get a 360 degree customer view

A leading American full-service Union Bank has also provided the report of successful results driven by involving Appian RPA. They have seen an increase of 5% to 97% digitization within 2 years. They successfully reduced the time of loan organization and approval from 2 weeks to 5 minutes. Their 80% business processes are still running on Appian RPA.

An American publicly traded corporation S&P Global Inc. has noticed the following enhancements with Appian RPA:

  • 150k news stories auto published in few weeks
  • Appian+RPA+NLG automates the process of creating news stories
  • Quick outcomes end-to-end automation built in 6weeks

Crochet Technologies

Crochet Technologies is a Global Information Technology (IT) Services & Solutions company. We are the partner of Appian to help companies to automate their business processes through Robotic Process Automation.  We offer automation solutions from manufacturing and government industries to financial service and insurance. With Crochet’s deep business acumen, world-class project delivery, and leadership capabilities, we help companies in making the most of BPM investments for driving their business value.