Looking for Automation In your Billing Inquiries Here is a Quick Solution !

Published at: October 7, 2020

Billing and payment issues act as a top driver of inquiries to customer service centers. Some issues repeat repetitively and are easier to resolve like customer profile changes or subscription cancellations. However, some inquiries are much harder to understand and handle such as an unexpected charge or first bill. Often, the greatest challenge is resolving the customer’s billing inquiries in an automated manner. 

Undeniably, poor billing practices can drive away customers. According to a research, billing issues are so widespread that as many as 77% of customers have experienced some form of a billing problem, with two-thirds stating they would consider, or definitely switch providers, when one arises. It clearly indicates poor billing practice isn’t an issue businesses can just sweep under the carpet. 

Billing Inquiry Microjourney:

A Microjourney is a single process that promptly allows business outcomes for multiple stakeholders across channels. 

World leading low code automation software Pega’s Customer Service plays a vital role in understanding the Billing inquiry Microjourney to resolve customers’ inquiries. It helps customer service representatives (CSRs) answer the most common issues customers have when calling in about their bill. CSRs can use billing inquiries to efficiently compare changes line by line for any two billing periods. 

Billing inquiry Microjournery gives important features such as previews of the next bill, explanation of taxes, summaries of billing changes, contextual information on hover, and indicators for one-time charges. All these features help you to resolve billing questions in an automated and quick way. 

How Billing inquiry Microjourney in Pega Customer Service Helps Business?

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  • The Billing inquiry case helps CSRs save time by bringing together all key customer billing details on a single screen. 
  • Billing inquiry is a popular call type for communication companies and approximately represents about 50% of total call volume. 
  • Companies can reduce call center AHT by using billing inquiries to overcome the friction CSRs encounter in supporting customers on billing inquiry calls.

Billing Inquiry Microjourney is available in web self-service channels

With Billing Inquiry Microjourney web self-service, customers can open a payment inquiry when they get a notification of a particular payment transaction. That notification holds the complete details of payment received by the bank. They can review the notification and identify missing data if any.  When the customer uses the bank’s self-service channel to request a payment inquiry, the probable inquiry reason is prefilled.

Crochet Technologies

If you want to resolve billing inquiries quickly in your business, you must consider the Pega Customer Service to resolve Billing Inquiry Microjourney. To implement this service successfully we at Crochet Technologies can help you. We are a Global Information Technology (IT) Services and Solutions company and offer end-to-end services from business consulting, development, design, and managed support in Pega space. 

Crochet has worked with many leading banks and financial firms. Our hands on tech teams are experts to understand the specific requirements of a business and serve them in the most relevant solutions.


Attention: Wealth Management & Brokerage Firms. PEGA’s CLIENT SERVICE has tailored solutions for you

Published at: October 7, 2020

The value of client relationships cannot be overstated. Every client wants a frictionless experience that can meet their specific requirements in an automated manner. Hence, it becomes essential for businesses to deliver client-focused services while managing multiple accounts and processes. Brokers, advisors, and service representatives must offer high-touch service while growing their productivity and managing other processes professionally. 

Pega client service for Wealth Management & Brokerage address the challenges financial firms face and streamline their client experience. It professionally manages all types of clients services, allowing them to develop client loyalty with optimal performance. They can easily manage multiple accounts without harming their performance and other processes. 

What Does Pega Client Service For Wealth Management Do?

With Pega Client Service, Wealth Management and Brokerage, financial firms can manage 

  • End-to-end client lifecycle management with personalised interaction & segmentation
  • A single view of the client to help your representatives know each individual
  • Streamline inquiry and service request management with intelligent process automation
  • Improve the performance of advisors with a role-based advisor desktop
  • Customize client experience and deliver proactive services

Remarkable Benefits Businesses Can Utilize With Pega Wealth Management:

Wealth Management Firms: The Biggest and Best

Increase Business Agility

Pre-defined, easily configured processes, rules, object and data models, interfaces, and other application assets accelerate implementation time.

Simplify Operations to Maximize Productivity

End-to-end work automation boosts productivity by automatically reducing duplicate requests, delivering relevant documents, and intelligently routing, prioritizing, and tracking cases.

Engage Clients with Personal and Proactive Service

Omni-channel user experience transparently transitions activities across any channel and device, including phone, mobile, web, e-mail, chat, and social media.

Customize the client experience

Make every interaction an efficient, client-centric experience using context-driven processes to dynamically guide representatives through each step.

PEGA & Crochet Technologies

Pega is the leader in cloud software for customer engagement and operational excellence. The world’s most recognized and successful brands rely on Pega’s AI-powered software to optimize client experiences on any channel. 
Crochet Technologies (  is a silver partner of Pega and assists its customers across the globe achieving ROI on their Pega investments. Crochet has major clients in the Banking, Financial Services, Insurance & Government Sectors in India, Middle East, Europe, UK, Israel, Australia. Reach us today: