Let’s Manage Your Client Onboarding Process Hassle-free!

Published at: October 29, 2020

Customer satisfaction is a key differentiator for many organizations today. It becomes more important for banks and other financial institutions, as customer relations is the major pillar of their business growth. But due to stiff competition in the industry, customer expectations are higher than ever. They want more from their banking institutions. Thus, client onboarding for financial institutions has become very important to offer customer satisfaction experience.

But the traditional client onboarding process is lengthy and involves multiple departments within the bank or financial institutes for example front office, risk management, compliance, legal, credit, and others. As a result, it takes up to several weeks and leads to the customer’s disappointment and frustration. It can be very harmful as customer onboarding influences such vital metrics as client loyalty, referrals, and profitability.

Low Code BPM Automation Platform:

Although financial firms make great efforts to improve this process, the results still leave much to be expected, as several obstacles make customer onboarding efforts ineffective. Then how can it be possible? How can you improve the customer onboarding process? The answer is by moving to digital onboarding through a low code automation process.

Low-code automation platform minimizes the reliance on manual processes and points solutions. It dramatically boosts speed to market and provides business users with unparalleled visibility, control, and process metrics for continuous improvement of the customer’s onboarding journey.

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Crochet Technologies is Global partners of Appian and Pega low code platforms. We assist clients to drive digital transformation in business through Appian low code BPM platform. We’ve combined our multi-year experience and extensive tech industry knowledge to serve many leading banks, financial institutions and government sectors.

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