How An Appian Claims Handler Can Save Your Day?

Published at: October 29, 2020

Claims processing has become a vital business function for all Insurance companies. It is essential that the claims are handled on time to ensure a fast settlement. Unfortunately, there are many hindrances that can slow down the claims handling process. If you are taking too much time in claim processing, it can make a bad impact on your business efficiency, disappoint your customers and resultant, you will generate very low revenue. 

That’s where Appian claims handler application comes in. This application helps to optimize the claim process from intake to resolution. This application drives customer engagement and loyalty at the claims moment of truth. The Appian platform digitizes claims operations for more prominent efficiency, accelerating claims handling for a higher level of customer service.

Appian Claim Handler – Automate Claim Handling Process

From the first claimant contact, through the final claim disposition and settlement, the Appian Claim Handler application efficiently manages all processing workflow, task management, documents, estimates, claim diaries, and fraud investigation, etc. This application offers productive workflow and data collection capabilities to Insurance Claims Processing departments that may have discarded the ability to handle large volumes of paper forms and documents.

This claim handler application gives rich functionality to fix key claim processing difficulties by including the following features:

  • Cut down claim intake time by streamlining the claim process with an Intelligent Contact Center where customers can select their preferred mode of communication like Google Assistant, ChatBot, Phone or Whatsapp to raise a claim.
  • Provide the completed history of the customer, policy details, current, and past claims, last interactions, and more to the agent automatically(based on customers’ registered phone numbers).
  • Appian claim handler application intelligently recognizes the information and bypasses the intake process. So, no need to spend time on valid information

Efficiently manage property insurance claims with multiple systems and paper trails can be quite challenging. It may lead to errors, wasted time, and high operational costs. A customer-focused, easy to use, and agile claims management system can make all the difference! So what Appian application performs.

  • Rapid claims easily integrate with any policy system via the Appian’s integration object features.
  • Upload and store all required documents for a claim comprising photographs and video files, and manage multiple versions smoothly.
  • Creates reports based on the different statuses of claims, total settlement value across all claims managed in the system on the time taken by adjusters to resolve claims.

Success Story Of Appian Claim Handler Application:

Crawford & Company:

By using the Appian BPM suite, Crawford & Company has modernized business action through mobility, social collaboration, more effective decision making and faster action. The result for more than 30 Appian based applications around the world have enabled Crawford & Company to:

  • Accelerate over claim management by 80% approx
  • Speed customer billing by 70% approx
  • Deliver better experience to customers & customer policy holders

Crochet Technologies

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