Smart Approach To Elevate Your Financial Business To Next Level

Published at: October 29, 2020

Operating a thriving, successful financial services business is fantastic. Still, have you ever wondered what’s next? We are here for you, to both encourage you, and help you take your business to the next level!

  • Do you want to grow business bigger, but aren’t sure how to get there? 
  • Aiming to launch new products or services in the market seamlessly?
  • Willing to enhance your business productivity without spending big bucks?

If your answer is Yes, then Appian low code BPM platform can help you in the best way. 

Solutions You Can Use To elevate Your Business:

Financial services institutions spend approx 15 to 25% of their IT budget on entrenched legacy systems. What if they can find new ways to innovate and differentiate in the midst of digital disruption without expensive, lengthy retooling? Yes, this is possible now. Appian offers different solutions that help financial firms to build the digital future. 

They can streamline and automate business processes by involving following advanced products in business.

  • Appian Low Code Development
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Intelligent Document Processing

How Appian Solutions Help Financial Firms? 

Appian solutions help Financial firms to build a powerful digital future. Here are the reasons how:

Appian is fast. Application development on Appian is 20 times faster than traditional development and requires fewer resources. With Appian, you don’t code an application, you draw it like a flowchart. 

Appian helps foster holistic regulatory compliance. Today’s global financial institutions face an ever-changing and increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Appian enables you to automate, monitor, and control regulatory compliance efforts. It does this with powerful process orchestration and enterprise data management capabilities.

Appian’s integration capabilities can handle data from thousands of sources, breaking down silos and simplifying mature legacy software with a single view. The platform’s scalable architecture supports performance no matter how many users, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment. 

Other than that, there are many other capabilities too that can help you in achieving the best outcomes. It eventually helps you to take your business to the next level.

Need to Know more about Appian Low Code Platform? 

If you want to explore Appian financial services solutions, Crochet Technologies can support you in the best way. We are Global partners of Appian and help our clients to utilize the benefits of Appian low code BPM platform in their business. We have worked with many leading financial firms and banks to grow their business by driving digital transformation in the business.


Want To Manage A Seamless Deal Process?

Published at: October 29, 2020

Deal management is a vital approach to ensure the growth and sustainability of any revenue-generating organization. A financial firm that wants to focus on growth must be able to close sales deals efficiently. An effective deal management secures additional client relationships and enhances company objectives by interpreting data for margins, profits, and revenue. But managing a deal process in financial institutions is not an easy task. You need to perform lots of complex activities manually and handle many other related things.

The only efficient solution to fix all difficulties associated with deal management by automating manual processes, connecting disparate data sources and legacy systems via an integrated platform. All these things will help you in managing your deal process quite smoothly. Additionally, this will help you to get clear visibility across different channels. That means by automating manual tasks related to deal management can make the process easy.

How To Automate Deal Management Process?

To automate manual deal process, Appian low code BPM platform can  assist you. It offers the ability to manage the process end to end, from initiation through review, configuration, and approval.Appian platform has many other capabilities too that can help your financial firms to meet the unique requirements and bring digital transformation in business. It can help you to:

  • Make faster decisions and top-line performance
  • Get a comprehensive, integrated view of business process
  • Centralized data and processes across core assets
  • Improved productivity and efficiency

Crochet Technologies

Crochet Technologies can help you in utilizing the capabilities of the Appian platform. We have an expert team that understands the specific needs of financial business and serves them with the most efficient solutions. You can explore the remarkable benefits of Appian low code BPM platform seamlessly with us. We will not only help you in exploring Appian financial services to deal initiation and reviews but we can advance your business through our review and upgrade services.

To know more about our services and their impact on your business, get in touch with us today! We are 24×7 available for your assistance!


Customers Are The Backbone Of Financial Service Institutions! Are You Engaging Them Rightly?

Published at: October 29, 2020

No wonder, customer loyalty is the backbone of financial service institutions, and without a backbone your business is certainly not going to stand very straight or very tall. But developing good relationships with customers is not an easy task.

Building customer engaging strategies are only possible if you have a clear idea about your customers’ requirements. If you know how to meet their expectations and serve them with the most effective solutions. Well, to make this happen, you have to invest lots of time, money and efforts. You have to verify many complex factors. Still you can’t be sure whether the strategy will work or not.

There is one other economical and effortless way, Appian Contact Center Automation services.

Appian is a low code BPM platform that enables financial institutions to work across legacy silos and deliver quick customer services. In addition to this, Appian makes it possible to modernize customer contact capabilities and help call center representatives in various ways, for example:

  • Provide a unified, 360-degree view of the customer
  • Freeing up agents for more challenging support issues for example changing fees, initiating account level changes, and exception resolution
  • Improve customer engagement and contact center through personalized customer experience
  • Offer seamless omni-channel engagement

This way you can understand what your customer wants and deliver them the exact services without wasting lots of time, money and efforts!

How Can You Utilize Appian Contact Center Automation Services?

Here is the Key to Reserving Your Customers

To explore Appian Contact Center Automation services, Crochet Technologies can help you. We are Global partners of Appian and help Financial service institutions to explore the Appian services in the way their business needs. We have a team of experienced professionals who are expert to understand your business requirements and the way to cater customers’ demands. We can assist you in engaging your customers rightly and growing your business beyond expectations.


How An Appian Claims Handler Can Save Your Day?

Published at: October 29, 2020

Claims processing has become a vital business function for all Insurance companies. It is essential that the claims are handled on time to ensure a fast settlement. Unfortunately, there are many hindrances that can slow down the claims handling process. If you are taking too much time in claim processing, it can make a bad impact on your business efficiency, disappoint your customers and resultant, you will generate very low revenue. 

That’s where Appian claims handler application comes in. This application helps to optimize the claim process from intake to resolution. This application drives customer engagement and loyalty at the claims moment of truth. The Appian platform digitizes claims operations for more prominent efficiency, accelerating claims handling for a higher level of customer service.

Appian Claim Handler – Automate Claim Handling Process

From the first claimant contact, through the final claim disposition and settlement, the Appian Claim Handler application efficiently manages all processing workflow, task management, documents, estimates, claim diaries, and fraud investigation, etc. This application offers productive workflow and data collection capabilities to Insurance Claims Processing departments that may have discarded the ability to handle large volumes of paper forms and documents.

This claim handler application gives rich functionality to fix key claim processing difficulties by including the following features:

  • Cut down claim intake time by streamlining the claim process with an Intelligent Contact Center where customers can select their preferred mode of communication like Google Assistant, ChatBot, Phone or Whatsapp to raise a claim.
  • Provide the completed history of the customer, policy details, current, and past claims, last interactions, and more to the agent automatically(based on customers’ registered phone numbers).
  • Appian claim handler application intelligently recognizes the information and bypasses the intake process. So, no need to spend time on valid information

Efficiently manage property insurance claims with multiple systems and paper trails can be quite challenging. It may lead to errors, wasted time, and high operational costs. A customer-focused, easy to use, and agile claims management system can make all the difference! So what Appian application performs.

  • Rapid claims easily integrate with any policy system via the Appian’s integration object features.
  • Upload and store all required documents for a claim comprising photographs and video files, and manage multiple versions smoothly.
  • Creates reports based on the different statuses of claims, total settlement value across all claims managed in the system on the time taken by adjusters to resolve claims.

Success Story Of Appian Claim Handler Application:

Crawford & Company:

By using the Appian BPM suite, Crawford & Company has modernized business action through mobility, social collaboration, more effective decision making and faster action. The result for more than 30 Appian based applications around the world have enabled Crawford & Company to:

  • Accelerate over claim management by 80% approx
  • Speed customer billing by 70% approx
  • Deliver better experience to customers & customer policy holders

Crochet Technologies

If you want to explore the best benefit of Appian Claim handler application, Crochet Technologies can help you. We are Global partners of Appian and help Financial service institutions to explore the Appian services in the way their business needs. We have a team of experienced professionals who are expert to understand your business requirements and the way to cater customers’ demands. We can assist you in engaging your customers rightly and growing your business beyond expectations.


Say ‘Yes’ To A Smooth Asset Management Process

Published at: October 29, 2020

Key challenges in managing company’s assets:

Some of the biggest issues facing asset management are the hurdle with monitoring and managing existing assets manually. When your assets have been on the grid for years, it can end up as a loss or compromised.

These are the most common challenges finance firms probably faced while implementing the asset management process:

  • Manual data entry, error-ridden processes, or inaccurate data
  • Unorganized asset management process
  • Lack of authority to enforce asset management policies
  • Poor or non-existent change management
  • Little to no tracking and reporting of real-time asset value and location
  • Failure to assess the potential data risk or prevent it

Solution to fix these challenges:

Solving the 4 Key Challenges Facing Asset Managers | Fenergo

Appian asset management is the solution that can help you in fixing all challenges seamlessly. It offers a unified platform approach to asset managers that help them to:

  • Minimize costs and invest in future-state capabilities
  • Improve legacy processes
  • Seamlessly maintain regulatory compliance
  • Reduce risk management
  • Decrease trading errors

Clearly, Appian asset management services help financial firms and banks in executing the process more effectively and successfully.

How can you explore Appian Asset Management services:

Crochet Technologies is Global partners of Appian and helps you in exploring the Appian Asset management services in the way you want. We assist clients to drive digital transformation in business through Appian low code BPM platform. We’ve combined our multi-year experience and extensive tech industry knowledge to serve many leading banks, financial institutions and government sectors.


Appian Cloud Native RPA – Now Automate Your Business, Anywhere

Published at: October 29, 2020

Today, more and more businesses are embracing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It is considered the fastest-growing enterprise software, with revenue. According to Gartner, in the last few years it increased businesses revenue by  63.1% to $846 million.

Despite these notable figures, due to certain limitations, we have not yet reached the peak of where this emerging technology can take the businesses, though it has potential to transform global enterprises.

To enhance RPA adoption, technology should be more widely accessible and easily scalable. It should capitalize on built AI, enabling an intelligent RPA platform that’s more intuitive to use and more powerful in capability. 

Appians cloud-native intelligent RPA is a platform that is simple to use, access and works with all applications, whether on-premises or in the Cloud. 

Appian Cloud Native RPA

Cloud-native RPA is more than just virtualizing your on-premises application and delivering it via the cloud. It involves extensive reengineering to the design, implementation, deployment, and operation of your applications from scratch that enhance the significance of RPA.

Appian Cloud-native RPA delivers secure, highly governed automation to the entire enterprise. It helps companies to streamline and automate their business process and drive the best outcomes in business. 

Salient Features Of Appian Cloud Native RPA

Salient Features Of Appian Cloud Native RPA

Effective Governance Policies – Appian helps you to build strong project governance policies. With these policies, you can centrally manage, monitor, and deploy bots across the organizations.

Powerful Exception Handling – You can easily manage the exceptions and ad-hoc activities with Appian cloud-native RPA services. 

Optimize digital workforce operation cost: You can build unlimited bots and easily deploy in any environment; Linux or Window. This will reduce the cost of operating a digital workforce.

Detailed Audit Trails: It provides you leverage to get complete visibility into every RPA process. Additionally, you can take action and optimize your digital workforce seamlessly.

If you are planning for a Long Term Business Impact by Reducing Cost, Increasing Customer Satisfaction & Delivering Customer Success, you must consider APPIAN RPA.

To help you evaluate this product you can reach Crochet Technologies. Crochet is partners with worlds leading low code automation platform APPIAN which offers this cloud native intelligent RPA.


Are You Finding it Difficult Managing your Bank’s Lending Process? We may have a Solution!

Published at: October 7, 2020

Still there are many banks, financial lenders and insurance companies who track their outstanding dues and their sales activities in spreadsheets, calendars, and notebooks without a centralized system. It’s quite difficult for management to measure progress or develop predictable forecasts. They need a unified loan management platform that can enable them to assimilate information and launch loan applications across a variety of channels and categories.

By acknowledging these facts, Appian offers reliable solutions that efficiently automate lender processes and integrates multiple system interactions. These solutions are developed to simplify loan processes, improving user experience, and automate reporting and compliance.

Appian Loan Origination:

Appian Loan Management solutions help businesses in the entire origination process, from application to funding. These solutions come up with many benefits for organizations that efficiently drive more revenue such as:

  • Reduce complexity and enable faster funding to speed loan origination 
  • Assimilate data from disparate sources and stakeholders
  • Serve customers in a better way

Appian Loan Management:

The dynamic regulatory environment and complex loan process make it challenging for the financing sector to manage loan activities accurately. Due to the mismanagement of loans, they have to face loss in lending volume. Appian loan management solution can efficiently address these challenges and serve them with the following capabilities:

  • More visibility to third-party collection providers for the overall management of at-risk programs
  • Integrate legacy systems and different data sources for more agile reporting and decision-making
  • Adhere to local, product and customer-specific regulatory guidelines

Trusted By Leading Banks & Financial Industries: 

Employee experience: the five practices that will create a more 'human'  workplace | HRZone

Bank of Tennessee competes with large national banks through superior speed and customer responsiveness by involving Appian loan origination solutions. They have experienced an enhancement in the efficiency of straight-through processing using the platform’s integrated business rules, alerts, escalations while building a mobile and social strategy.

Similarly, Appian is trusted by many leading lenders, i.e. Addiko bank, Bendigo bank, Commerce bank, City National bank and many others.

Crochet Technologies

Crochet Technologies is a Global IT Solution & Service company that streamline and automate different business processes with the partnership of Appian. Crochetech provides end-to-end business services to the Banks, Insurance, Financial services & Government sector. With Crochet’s deep business acumen, world-class project delivery and leadership capabilities and most importantly Appian partnership, you can adopt the advanced features of Records technology in your organization and abolish data silos.


Launching A New Product? We Can Streamline Your Launching Process!

Published at: October 7, 2020

Frequent changes in the banking and financial industries make it challenging to match the pace of the current market. New technology, improved regulation, and the development of digital channels have come together to make an interesting time for banks & financial industries.

Introducing new products is now hyper-paced for every financial business and more essential to success than ever. Remaining relevant, maintaining growth and introducing new markets can expand profit potential. If the financial firms want to drive great revenue in the business, they should introduce advanced technologies and feature-enriched products in the market. The process of launching new products is full of challenges. 

But now you can implement this process quite smoothly and error free with Appian low code platform for new business and product launch.

How Does Appian Help In New Product Launch?

The financial institutions can manage the full lifecycle of introducing new banking products and services from concept to post-launch monitoring and optimization. They can improve the product launch process by real-time monitoring of product launch processes, tasks, and statuses.

Also Appian’s enterprise low-code application platform helps them to accelerate time to value through streamlined processes and orchestrated launch tasks. They can successfully launch a new product by just considering country-specific launch sequences and regulations

What Benefits Industries Can Utilize With Appian?

Appian low code platform helps financial industries in various ways:

  • Automate product launch process
  • Efficiently manage the campaign
  • Deliver intelligent process automation
  • Give actionable information views
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Coordinate activities and approvals
  • Provide secure access to vital information

Crochet Technologies:

In a nutshell with the right implementation of Appian low code Platform, Crochet Technologies can help you create Long Term Business Impact by Reducing Cost, Increasing Customer Satisfaction & Delivering Customer Success.


Why Should You Consider Appian Intelligent Automation?

Published at: September 25, 2020

If we want to operate our business successfully, we must change our preconceived plans and embrace scientific & technological enhancements. Also, we have to equip leaders to observe the emergence of a crisis and make more informed decisions before it becomes catastrophic. To make this happen, Intelligent Automation is the best way. This technology is programmed to automate and streamline different business processes to ease your burden and reduce the operation cost.

What Does Intelligent Automation Do?

Intelligent automation is the perfect combination of Artificial Intelligence and Automation. It blends the power of BPM, RPA with low-code development to drive the most successful outcomes in business by optimizing the customer experience. It helps to automate the time-consuming manual repetitive tasks and process much volume of complex data very easily.

How Intelligent Automation Helps Businesses To Grow Faster:

Intelligent automation is a modern technology that has the potential to innovate in the current industry landscape and change the way things are performed for better results. Due to its diverse business benefits, it has become the first choice for businesses to streamline complex processes.

The unique benefits businesses can get with the technology are:

  • Enhance Productivity
  • Better Customer Service
  • Lessens Human Error At Great Extent
  • Run your business round-the-clock
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce business expenses
  • Improve business and IT collaboration

If you want to empower your business to work quicker, smartly and automatically, you must invest in Intelligent Automation.

Successful Intelligent Automation Cases

Automated Customer Service – Different technologies for example BPM, Case Management and Low-code combined with RPA and AI to enhance the Customer Experience like never before.

Intelligent Delinquency Prediction – Supports Machine Learning and BPM to pick up early signs of borrower’s financial distress before the loan becomes delinquent

Automated Invoice Processing – Supports the power of RPA and BPM to obtain end-to-end automation, transforming invoice processing by automating manual activities

About Crochet Technologies:

Crochet Technologies is a Global Information Technology (IT) Services and a trusted partner of Appian. With Crochet’s deep business acumen, world-class project delivery, and leadership capabilities, we assist companies in accessing the intelligent automation for driving their business value.


Appian Process Modeler

Published at: September 21, 2020

With Appian, combine the power of business process management with the speed of low-code development and accelerate your digital transformation.

In this short video, get a taste of how the Appian Process Modeler works. Crochet Technologies is Partner with Appian Platform.