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Published at: October 29, 2020

Today, more and more businesses are embracing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It is considered the fastest-growing enterprise software, with revenue. According to Gartner, in the last few years it increased businesses revenue by  63.1% to $846 million.

Despite these notable figures, due to certain limitations, we have not yet reached the peak of where this emerging technology can take the businesses, though it has potential to transform global enterprises.

To enhance RPA adoption, technology should be more widely accessible and easily scalable. It should capitalize on built AI, enabling an intelligent RPA platform that’s more intuitive to use and more powerful in capability. 

Appians cloud-native intelligent RPA is a platform that is simple to use, access and works with all applications, whether on-premises or in the Cloud. 

Appian Cloud Native RPA

Cloud-native RPA is more than just virtualizing your on-premises application and delivering it via the cloud. It involves extensive reengineering to the design, implementation, deployment, and operation of your applications from scratch that enhance the significance of RPA.

Appian Cloud-native RPA delivers secure, highly governed automation to the entire enterprise. It helps companies to streamline and automate their business process and drive the best outcomes in business. 

Salient Features Of Appian Cloud Native RPA

Salient Features Of Appian Cloud Native RPA

Effective Governance Policies – Appian helps you to build strong project governance policies. With these policies, you can centrally manage, monitor, and deploy bots across the organizations.

Powerful Exception Handling – You can easily manage the exceptions and ad-hoc activities with Appian cloud-native RPA services. 

Optimize digital workforce operation cost: You can build unlimited bots and easily deploy in any environment; Linux or Window. This will reduce the cost of operating a digital workforce.

Detailed Audit Trails: It provides you leverage to get complete visibility into every RPA process. Additionally, you can take action and optimize your digital workforce seamlessly.

If you are planning for a Long Term Business Impact by Reducing Cost, Increasing Customer Satisfaction & Delivering Customer Success, you must consider APPIAN RPA.

To help you evaluate this product you can reach Crochet Technologies. Crochet is partners with worlds leading low code automation platform APPIAN which offers this cloud native intelligent RPA.

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